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Derm Health is here for your long-term overall health. That means we are putting your health and our staff’s health and needs first and we are restructuring our clinical practices with great care, to respond to the risks of the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Wisco sits on a military COVID-19 task force, and is leading our team in creating a care infrastructure that allows us to care for our patients while supporting the national, state, and local efforts to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

First, we have implemented a tele-dermatology (telederm) program to provide dermatology care to patients through a live video visit with providers, supporting recent recommendations for limited travel and interaction.

Our providers are available to schedule a video visit with you, so that you can remain at your residence for the visit. Telederm video visits are now covered by most insurances and will be billed by our clinic to your insurance. Self-pay discounts are also available, when applicable.

Dr. Wisco has been conducting telederm visits for years, as he created a telederm program for the U.S. Air Force when he was on active duty. Many times, an acute issue can be managed through the video visit and necessary prescriptions can be sent directly to pharmacies. On some occasions, the patient will need to follow up in person in the clinic (e.g. if a biopsy or other procedure is necessary), but the initial evaluation can be completed via video.

For those patients that require an in-person appointment for a medically necessary treatment, we have strict protocols in place for patients, staff, and clinic space. We will have limited days available for these appointments, and we have spaced our appointments out throughout the day, reducing the number of patients in the clinic per day and minimizing any interaction between patients. We will take extra precautions with patients that are at higher risk for COVID-19.

Thank you to the other community members who are responsibly adapting their practices during this time. Thank you to our wonderful patients. We know this time is trying for everyone. Know that we are working as a team to provide you the care you need and in a safe setting.

To schedule a telederm visit, call at 541.382.8819 or email at info@derm-health.com.