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At Dermatology Health Specialists, all our clinicians care for both pediatric and adult patients. Each clinician takes a comprehensive approach to all their patients. Every patient is offered a full skin exam, regardless of your concern. We do this for several reasons. First, even though your skin concern may seem to only be localized to a certain area, there can be subtle findings in other areas on the body that help make a diagnosis. Second, we commonly find skin cancer when you did not know it was there. Of course, we always respect the patient’s request, but to truly take a comprehensive approach to your skin, we always recommend a complete cutaneous exam.

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Regarding treatment, there are typically several ways to treat a condition and we do our best to personalize our therapeutic approach towards you and what the most current data shows is effective. We constantly strive to understand the most advanced, data-driven, treatment and preventative modalities that are cost-effective to help care for your skin and promote overall health.

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